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Thread: R there any rules??!!

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    R there any rules??!!

    There is no pvp and somebody atacked me.... I have spend a lot of money on this game and i will not buy anything anymore that is just stupid

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    Hi commander. There is no official rule that no one can start a war during non pvp time. But you might negotiate it with your whole zone, especially your government and try to make more rules to help a zone grow. Thanks!

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    But after all, it IS a war game. Killing your troops, plundering your resources, and stealing your land is part of war... Maybe you need a shield. 😊

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    So without rules. Only Tap4fun money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sektear View Post
    So without rules. Only Tap4fun money?
    There are rules in game. But the rules are not for battles.

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