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Thread: Well wadya know... Its server maintenance again

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    Angry Well wadya know... Its server maintenance again

    So Tap is pushing out yet another update and yet another game downtime of 5 hours. I totally get you need to do these updates but why on earth can't you push out updates like other games with NO downtime. I believe they do this by have 3 versions of the games 1: Stable 2: Beta and 3: Alpha. Stable game for the end users and Beta for testing finished updates and 'Alpha' designing new features and testing new ideas.

    It just seems like Tap uses us paying gamers as their beta testing monkeys. Maybe you do this to save money for yourselves? I mean seriously, instead of paying Beta testers, they charge end users to beta test their games... Genius!!!

    I'm a Level 10 VIP player, disgruntled and really thinking of quitting the game. On so many occasions, I had genuine issues which I emailed them about only to get no help at all and mostly instead of fixing the issues, they give the standard 2 x 60 hour speeds and a a couple 50,000 rss (which are worthless) just to fob you off. Im sick of being treated as a player that just wants free shit but be treated as someone that actually SUPPORTS the game. Hell, I bet if all the VIP 10 and up's quit the game, there would be no game left too play.

    Tap... fix your shit FFS. Sort the game out :/ If Zynga could find a way to do seamless updates behind the scenes, i'm sure you guys can work out how to push updates without the disruptions to gamers.

    Finally, Stop making the mistake of wasting money on spokespeople that don't even play the game and hire someone that actually plays and loves the game to be spokesperson. let the gamer listen to what players want to pass on the feedback to you (hell, hire an English speaking/writing Chinese person if you have too) As long as there is no communication barrier and the western word can understand what you mean to say, I think that would clear up any confusions. Just look on the FB page today? So many are whining about what the food limits mean. You guys did not explain this properly and its causing unnecessary whining and negative comments.

    iFart - Zone 51

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    Upon testing the new update, I have found MANY bugs and glitches. I shall make a new thread explaining what they are.. which begs the question again. Why the f**k dont Tap TEST GAMES before pushing them out. We are not your F**king Beta testers FFS. Pay a real gamer to test your end product before releasing to the masses.

    I swear, this is pissing me off to the point where Im done with this game. They are trying to turn it into Mobile strike with the new UI

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