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Thread: Invasion Copies Mobile Strike's UI in new update

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    Angry Invasion Copies Mobile Strike's UI in new update

    So the new update has been released... my first impressions straight away was "wow, this game looks like Mobile strike now' It's beggars belief how gaming companies copies rivals idea's but this takes the biscuit if you ask me. The font and whole feel to Invasion feels like Mobile strike now. Thing is, they made so many new bugs with the new update that makes you wonder why on earth would they push out a major update without testing it first. You can actually tell that after the first facebook post that was made a few days ago that they probably only tested the new version for a week TOPS. I'll list all the issues below:

    1: Trying to log into an account with an invasion login, they removed the "show password' button. This made the previous long standing bug where any passwords with a 'full stop' (period) dont register... for example, if you type in passoword <-- game dont recognise the full stop in password. (thats not my password by the way) however, I had to go onto Tap website to change my password to remove the full stop. This is a huge security risk since it makes passwords easily hackable .. SORT IT TAP

    2: The zoom feature in the new update is flawed. If you click on a building to upgrade, at times you may need more rss to activate upgrade. If you click on 'more' then add the rss you need from items page, when you get back to main screen, you are permanently in zoom mode. Only way to get out of zoom is to restart your game. This is a VERY annoying bug.

    3: When you log into your account for after a day or so, the bubbles above the rss buildings are missing. These bubbles in old versions gave extra rss and bonus boxes (which was a sweet update btw) BUT with this new version, one or 2 buildings may have the bubbles but the majority are not there till you play the game for a few hours. Im not sure if this is done on purpose (If it is, shame on you. You f**kers give us decent freebies then take them away, how surprising) If not, sort out this bug because we need those boxes for the free action points we get.

    4: They said that the food limits were increased.. yet the food bar on the top of the screen still shows red (Food dont decrease if you have less than 2 million but its highly confusing for most players who think food is still being eaten by troops because of the red colour) Sort it Tap!

    These are the few bugs I found after only playing for an hour.. I hope Tap realizes how a player can pick up on those things straight away yet if they had any so called Beta testers, its beggars belief they didnt catch those bugs before pushing out the release. I will update the post when I find more bugs. Please reply if I missed anything out

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    No full screen view of map as well.

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    Glad they fixed the Password issue. It was a huge beef of mine since I am used to using special characters in passwords. Also, it seems they fixed the zoom feature when upgrading buildings (well done tap) It was so annoying when we stayed in "zoom in" focus.

    In regards to the rss bubbles above the buildings, it still needs work. Some accounts shows bubbles after you log in and tap a building. Some accounts shows bubbles on a few buildings but most still dont have them. Also, the levels above buildings hasnt been fixed too.

    Yes James, the widescreen feature on map was very useful feature when looking for level 6 tiles quickly. Surprised they forgot to add that back in

    All in all, lots of work to do but im glad they are fixing it slowly. My biggest gripe is they dont test the games first before mass release. They use us as their beta testers which pisses off a lot of players (many end up quitting because of this) due to finding so many bugs. Many bugs are so critical and time sensitive that it can make them get zerod. Like the crash issues on reports page and the crash issues on Chat feature for Android phones. When the keyboard pops up on Android phones, the game crashes when on chat box, mailing or personal message

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