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Thread: (Suggestion) Sell/gift excess officer materials?

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    Lightbulb (Suggestion) Sell/gift excess officer materials?

    Hi Invasion

    I think it would be a great idea if we were allowed to gift to players or sell back item to system all our excess officer materials, unwanted low level speedups & low level medals.

    I have 27 extra bones, 19 extra wreaths and tons of other officer materials which I wont ever use unless the game increases officer levels. Why cant we have a trading system in the game where we can maybe trade 1 rare item or many common items for say a legendary item?

    1: A trading system in game to trade materials/speeds to the system for better NEEDED items
    2: A means for a VIP player to gift unwanted items to guild member.
    3: A way for us to buy SPECIFIC officer materials or medals (instead of getting them at random)

    Name: Shammmy - Zone 51 - R4 Rank

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    Trading is a HUGE community in any game. I have seen many games go dead in the water because Trading was taken away. Invasion will have to come up with a way for trading to be used LEGITIMATELY and not have a small bad group who sell items in an illegal black market.

    I think the best way for that to happen is to only allow officer Material/medal trading for players at a fairly high VIP level (maybe start with VIP 7+). Also, the receiving player must also be at least a VIP 3 to receive traded items. This will counter any freebie illegal sellers who have not supported the game to abuse the system because they would have to support the game greatly to unlock trading features.

    Shammmy - Zone 51

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