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Thread: Cannot login using FB - password expired

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    Same here, changed password on Facebook, and reinstalled game.

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    Same problem here and I bet the compensation won't suffice again

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    Zone 42
    I need this please. My grandma just died this is my distraction please help

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    there has to be a bug. everyone is having same problem with log in. I have tomsteelers in 69 and Arcangel in 14. I hope t4f takes care of us and problem

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    T4f will most likely blame Facebook again as they did last time this happened. Both times, now and then, it was t4f's problem and they will shift blame again... Game is connecting to Facebook when you get screen saying "you have authorized invasion" with "ok" button. The password error at next screen after clicking "ok" is t4f's problem.

    Yes it's your end t4f but we all know you will blame Facebook. Last time this happened it happened on all 3 types of login. Yes including t4f login. So don't go weaseling out of your fault by blaming Facebook again.

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    Same problem . Tap4fun you are just an big wasting of time and money

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    Fix it T4F.
    BlanKS Zone 60
    Race for arms is tonight.

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