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Thread: ( bug) facebook password expired

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    Exclamation ( bug) facebook password expired

    Hi invasion

    There is a new bug in the game with Facebook bound accounts. I cannot log into my main account which is bound to Facebook. The error message given by the game is Facebook password has expired.

    Troubleshooting steps taken:
    I have logged into Facebook ok. I have removed invasion from Facebook apps then re add the invasion app back to Facebook. This does not resolve the password expired error in invasion app.
    I have uninstalled the game from my phone and reinstalled. I also cleared cache and data within my phone.

    My phone is Huwei P8 on Andoid OS, 3 GB Ram, duel quad ore processor.

    Please advise on next steps? I have emailed in gamed to tap CS but the reply said I must wait 2 days for reply. This is unnacceptabke since zvz starts on Friday night and if I get zerod, I will for sure be quitting the game.

    Shammmy - Zone 51
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    May the Force be with you

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    Same thing get Password expired, Total BS your update broke something again T4p

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    same for me. hope that it will be repair before zvz

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    Please have the invasion development team look into Facebook login token. It may be so that Facebook has done an upgrade
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    Same here my fb acc doesnt work

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    Same by me in Zone 110. ....can't login over Facebook. ...i'm vip 9 and my shield go down in 22 hour s. ...when I zeroed I quit the game too and 20 Players in my guild too.....

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    Everyone post it on Facebook and send in game emails through your mini accounts that's bound to Tap4fun. The quicker they see this problem, the quicker we get our games back
    May the Force be with you

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    Hi all. The Facebook log in issue is fixed now. We will deliver the compensation soon. Please wait patiently. Sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

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