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Thread: Log in problems, Game crashing contantly

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    Log in problems, Game crashing contantly

    Since the last update, it takes at least 6 attempts to successfully log in.
    Then, the game crashes before anything can be accomplished.

    I play zone 217 and use an Android device. I tried to use the in game customer support, but the game crashes when I tap the +More button.

    I have cleared data and cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, and now problem is worse.

    I hope this can be resolved soon. It is ZvZ now and my 2 days of shield remainig.

    Thanks, [R*H] M217 zone 217

    Money cannot buy experience.

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    Freezes at 50% when trying to switch accounts. It does not show my list of Google accounts for me to choose one. This is frustrating especially in ZvZ time.
    I am at risk of losing everything.

    Thanks for speedy help.
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    Money cannot buy experience.

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    Hello Woods. Sorry for late reply. May I know if you are able to log in now? Or you just can't switch account? Just need to make sure your current issue so we can identify it. Thanks!

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    I have been able to log in and secure my base. As for switching accounts, the game still crashes and needs to restart when the Google Accounts list appears.
    Maybe the new update will resolve this.
    I hope.. I hope.

    Also... I have noticed the game freezes when I tap to change an officer's medals. It's always been stable on my Android device, but only started happening since the last update.

    Money cannot buy experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giga Tsalugelashvili View Post
    Downloading failed
    Can you try again now? The server is just available.

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    I play on 316 and my game keeps on crashing 10 seconds after getting into the game, I hope it gets fixed before the first pvp starts

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    Zone 173 - game crashed - sticks at 50% and says Restart - tried restarting numerous times - no good

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    I'm from zone 297 game freezes after10 seconds then shuts down. Haven't been able to get on all day got no shield up and with zvz comming up soon I will be zeroed and everything I've spent so far will be for nothing.

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