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Thread: Invasion Needs to hire an English writing Person

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    Angry Invasion Needs to hire an English writing Person

    Seriously, you spent huge amounts of money paying a Celebrity spokesman (AND FOR WHAT????) yet you don't pay for someone that is ENGLISH to take over the social media side of advertising your events? You want the American and British markets to spend English and American money then hire an English speaking person to speak on your behalf.

    Look at the link above, the person who thought of this SERIOUSLY had issues explaining the task for any players to gain rewards. As you will see, many players did exactly what was written by invasion but then had to comment to get players to tag friends. Why on earth waste time like that if only it was explained properly the first time.

    My advice, STOP paying out our money that we send to support this game and give it away to celebrities that has NO INTEREST in the game.
    May the Force be with you

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    And where is this spokesman now? Tim kennedy was just a gimmick right? he wasn't really a spokesman, you just used his name to get more people to play invasion. Sadly, you got it ALL WRONG. I think if you paid for a real spokesman (e.g. a real Player of the game) then maybe things will look a bit more rosey for you
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    To be honest, we do hire English native to work for our game. We will explain our events more clearly in the future. As for Tim Kennedy, he is just our brand spokesman.

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