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Thread: Comm 50, warrants, and cuffs

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    Comm 50, warrants, and cuffs

    I understand there is somewhat of a randomness in this game. That's why I'm still getting cuffs and warrants once I no longer need them.

    What I don't understand is why after lv 50 commander is reached, we keep getting millions of exp points that do nothing for us. As you control the lv of prizes and packages for VIP/base level, couldn't you CREATE SOMETHING for lv50 comms and up. Either make experience points matter, or change up the rewards so there's an incentive.

    I could go on about other things, but this one has been bugging me for awhile. If we're going to earn things we can't use, at least allow us to gift them to someone else. WE ARE EARNING THESE THINGS. Please do something.

    And after several updates, we still don't have the zoom feature in map view anymore. What's up with that?

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    Cmon somebody. At least agree, disagree, or add something

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Clemens View Post
    Cmon somebody. At least agree, disagree, or add something
    I 100% agree with you there. Im annoyed the full screen feature has been removed. that helped me SO much catching bases during pvp or zvz. On the iPad, it was one of my fav features.

    In regards to XP, I heard rumours they were gonna increase com levels to 75 and increase the building levels to 25 when they add the cemetery and military court to the game. Not sure why those buildings have not been added for over a year, I guess we will have to be patient and see.

    A mobile or Web game usually have a half life of around 3-5 years before they close the game down. Invasion is pretty much half way through IMO. I really hope Invasion start to listen to players. I seen SO many games and played so many that closed down prematurely because they pissed off the players so much. Players have many choices on what to play these days so Invasion should really start to listen to the players more. We want what we want, If you can't provide it, at least give an official explanation why.
    May the Force be with you

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    Thanks for the response Shammmy. I hope they start listening as well.

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    How about an answer from Tap on this one please

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    I totally agree with both of you regarding the redundant and useless rewards received. Other items, especially event items, can be consumed by the game and "usefull" items given in exchanged I do not see why such a feature could not be implemented for regular items. It is ridiculous that I have 57 24-hrs experience boost items when my commander is level 50 and they therefore do absolutely nothing. If they are personally unusable then at least we should be able to gift to our guildmates; I mean is not joining a guild to help strengthen one another one of the prime motivators? It's like saying to a nations air force we are sorry you have 50 boats you cannot use, oh and by the way the navy could use them but you can not send yours to them.

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    I'm fine with the XP packs and XP boosts. These will be needed in the case they update the cemetery and military court. If your comm gets executed you'll be wanting those XP packs!

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    Ya I agree would be nice to see a reward for when I make the big push from lv49 to lv50
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    I'm saving my xp boosts, but the ones that go right to commander just vanish into thin air. I can smell the money just flying away

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    Hi folks,

    Quick question on the commander talents pages. I distributed combat all on one tab, then research/building on another talent tab. This is an expensive pain in the tail (buying talent books), how do I get them all back on one tab? I think it's simple but I tried and it didn't add the available points to the first tab to then use them. I'm missing something simple, please advise. Thanks much in advance.

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