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Thread: Comm 50, warrants, and cuffs

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    You have 3 tabs. Designate the third tab with the settings you prefer. If you don't like one of the current tabs, hit the reset button if you'd like to change it.

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    I have a question about 50. When I started playing the game, I didnt use my commander bc even I dont knkw why. Now even smaller players are comming close to max, but I am slowlly going on. How can I boost xp on commander? Every way. Yea you can use boosts, officers etc..but except daily and guild missions and ofc fighting, what can give you more xp?

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    Hi James,

    How do you get extra XP points to fill talents once you are at level 50 Commander, i agree with your point earlier and was wondering what is the point of the missions for the sake of some rss that to be honest my alt accounts provide millions of every day anyway....

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    Eventually, you will be glad u have those exp items. When commanders start getting executed and you're only retaining a % of your com points, you'll be glad you have those items in your pocket

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