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Thread: Materials Recycle

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    Lightbulb Materials Recycle

    Hello Commanders,

    i just wanna set my idea here maybe T4F check it out if it useful, i guess many of the players here gonna agree and join me with there voices.

    many players have now months and maybe a year+, we been gathering rss building participating events ... etc. one of the most valuable thing on the game is the boxes for the officers, we have been getting common items as long as we play the game but unfortunately its not useful for aged players anymore.

    *so i suggest if T4F give us a chance to Recycle the Materials we dont need anymore for more valuable Materials for our currently officers need.

    i hope you support me guys
    best of luck

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    This idea has been sent to them on many occasions, sadly they dont want to implement it for some reason
    May the Force be with you

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    If I upgdade c3 canons with commander talents, will they be any good against tanks suvs and choppers?

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