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Thread: Mark a GUILD as an ALLY?

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    Lightbulb Mark a GUILD as an ALLY?

    1: How about Tap adds a button for any R5 in a zone to mark any guild in any zone as an Ally? This feature will make is easier for player to avoid attacks on allies. Kinda like how we are in the same guild and we cant attack that person.

    2: Another idea, if we get this new ally feature why not allow any allies to transfer RSS or gift speeds to each other? Same as how we can transfer rss to our guild members, We should also be allowed to do the same to allies as well.

    3: Make an allies chatroom?

    4: We currently have to use Line App to communicate with other guilds in our zone so we can coordinate attacks. Is there a possibility for us to have a separate chatroom so we can post cords of enemies during zvz without alerting the enemy in Zone chat? Sometimes I want rival guilds in my zone to also port towards an enemy so we can start duel rallies. Sadly, Zone chat also has the enemy zone allowed to see those cords during ZvZ
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    Mark a GUILD as an

    I named more then a few benefits, but like I said before, if it doesnt work for you thats fine.

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    I like #1 and #2.... as for 3 and 4 your able to make a private chatroom that can be used for your guild or allies etc.... your able to name it and invite who you want in there. Now however others can search the name of the chatroom and can join but your able to kick and ban in there as well.

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    Would like to see some guild changes for ally ships etc to come soon
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