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Thread: What did you do to the HoW?

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    What did you do to the HoW?

    The last update changed the HoW. Lvl 21 was 2 mil, not including your troops, now it's 2.375, but that included your troops, so it seems. As such you can March 2.375 mil troops without activating the 50% March boost.

    Also, I don't know about other levels, but I'm pretty sure Lvl 14 was 550k troops. Therefore with a 250k March, you could March a total of 800k troops, now it's 720k total.

    I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish, but I don't think that this change makes any sense.

    Soul Fire z54 Gov

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    i agree. Why change the rules mid game.

    We don't mind you adding things, but please quit tinkering with the game were already playing. You asked how your advertising might bring more players. What better form of advertising could there besides making the customers you have already HAPPY? Unless it illegal, people have a hard time keeping to themselves what they really enjoy

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    It's Bull shit can't change this when people paid for it I ain't upgrading and paying for these anymore until we get a guarantee it won't be changed again what a waste of money

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