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Thread: Can't accept members and other stuff

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    Can't accept members and other stuff

    What happened now? I can see and push the button to accept new members, but they do not join. Also, even though I've pushed for guild help for a build already, I have the help button not the speed button

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    I'm the z54 Gov and I can't send out zone mails or set titles either. Something really bad happened and it needs to get fixed ASAP

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    Same here cant send zone messages and join guild, even if I really need to cause we gonna have test out on new thing... if someone tries to accept it says error and on my screen pops error joining the guild... fk this sht

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    Come in t4f, you broke a bunch of basic functions. You need to get on this and fix them.

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    Hi all. Our tech team is now working on the guild glitches now. Please give us some time. As for zone mails and titles issue, can you please tell me if there is any error pop up?

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    The zone mail and titles seem to be working again. At the time I was Gov and I was getting the message that I didn't have the privilege.

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    Most of the issues should be fixed by now. Please comment if new ones arise.

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