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Thread: Pack price increases

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    Pack price increases

    Can you explain why the packs have massively jumped in price for UK Users? £92 for a 24000 diamond pack?

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    Just seen it myself went to buy 2 65 pound packs to see them now 92 pound that's over 120 usd per pack

    Not paying that much so no more packs for me

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    Yup talking with the American players in my guild and they've not seen an increase so can't understand why we've been hit. If anything they should reduce given the value of the pound surely.

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    I saw it yesterday. No explanation. Currency fluctuations should not affect this game. Typical thieving t4f

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    this is unacceptable T4F the game hasn't got any better whatb8s the explanation for the price increase

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    T4F don't feel the need to reply

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    Google issue guys. Packs aloso went up $AU8.

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    Read Chinese Conspiricy thread. The game is scamming non chinese.

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    I don't get packs now hope it goes back dawn soon

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