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    Game screwed up again prizes suck can't tell how you are doing so not worth playing why can't you fix all the glitches you have before you do something else

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    I see there was another "system malfunction" so we don't get our PvP prizes right away again.

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    Typical T4F. I haven't bought a pack since the big crash in June when they promised to reimburse resources and troop loss. I lost 1.3 million troops and 800 million in resources. All I got in return was 2k diamonds and 150k RSS and they blamed my 60gig internet high speed modem for bad connection 😂😂😂.

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    Hello all. Our team is now working on the PVP rewards thing. Please wait patiently. Sorry for the trouble caused.

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    The sole purpose of this game is war and you even get that wrong.
    For gods sake...EMPLOY SOME DEVELOPERS!!!

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