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    Exclamation 217 Banner Glitch

    Government guild in zone 217 have found a way to block the view of all the buttons at the top of the screen.
    When government titles are given, the red banner drops to announce the promotion. The banner appears only momentarily, then disappears.
    BUT, they have realized that if the appointment button is continuously tapped, the players of the zone cannot use any top buttons in Base View or in Map View (they are hidden).

    It is now PvP and no one in the zone can use their top buttons!! This is a very low game strategy. I tried to use the in-game customer support, but it is impossible (cannot see the GMT clock in World View). And the game time is a required field to report such a problem.

    I want to play the game tonight but it has been going on endlessly for much to long. Most players have given up and logged out. I am very frustrated with those who are exploiting this glitch!!!
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    Hi there. We have tested it. Even though you can't see the button on the top, it still works for you if you click the button on the top. It's just that the buttons are hidden.

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    Yes, but unless someone has memorized the top of all the screens, it's easy to press the wrong place (as they ARE hidden). And needless mistakes in PvP can be costly.

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    There are only some features which can only be accessed on the top. Besides it's easy to find the correct one.

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