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Thread: New Accounts!

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    New Accounts!

    I want to suggest adding either in settings or somewhere you are able to delete new and old accounts without having to go through tap4fun. Plenty of times i have clicked new game by accident and next minute i am stuck adding the account to something when i dont want it to begin with. Another way to eliminate this problem make it where if you click on new game it will ask you ( Are you sure you want to start a new game? ) That way you will not have to deal with adding a new account or the hassle of trying to get back to your other accounts and can easily click yes or no without the game throwing you into a new account!

    I am sure i am not the only one having this problem so if you are please respond below also if you have other ways or ideas post them below.....

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    I do agree with the whole interface asking if you want to create a new account. That would be very helpful. But having to go through tap to delete an account would be much safer. It would eliminate accounts being deleted from hacked accounts.

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    For christ sake!!! How can you even want them to change or do anything to the game. Haven't you seen what happens when they "update" the game? Obviously not competent to make any updates what so ever.

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    They wont remove this because every new account made (regardless if same player or new player) shows advertisers that they are producing new accounts daily... Its an old trick by most game makers
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