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Thread: Can't get guild back

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    Can't get guild back

    I was the guild leader after I got invite to other guild and I set my alt as a leader on my own guild, I lost my alts password and cant get it back cause I blocked it.
    So after new system thing the leader sets automaticly if he doesnt get oonline.
    I tried to mail the leader set by system, I can see that he is only, but he is just ignoring me and not giving my guild back.
    On guild profile there is a text thats says if any problem mail guild leader and my game name. I want my guild back, but he is just ignoring me totally.

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    This probably isn't the answer that you want to hear, but I don't think there is anything that Tap can do to help you. The only thing to solve this is that the current R5 gives the position back to you.

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    Yeah i know, but he ignores me man.

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    I would say keep trying to get a hold of him. If anything you could create a new one and get all of your old members to transfer to the new one so you can keep your territory.

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    I have guild already thats big, but I want to get it back for alts and other mines. Cause my guild now makes only cash.

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