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Thread: Chinese conspiracy

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    Chinese conspiracy

    T4F Chinese conspiracy:

    Invasion: Modern Empire.
    A fair gaming environment for all? Sadly not, unless you are of Chinese descent.
    The packs that we pay our hard earned money on, are a fraction of the price for the Chinese players. We realise that not all Chinese players abuse this, but many do.
    It's these 'gamers' that ruin the experience for everyone else.
    Those players don't follow T4F terms and conditions, they will slander, they are crude, and they will humiliate other gamers in zone chat.
    Chinese players have access to different servers when they go down for maintenance.
    The Chinese Parliament chat that 'is not yet open' is in fact open and always has been. Simply change the language settings on your game to Chinese and see for yourselves.
    They are allowed to jump to zones regardless of HQ levels.

    The Chinese players that are abusing this are bullying other gamers, demanding everything from rss packs to actual cash to be allowed to play.

    This is disgusting!!
    As a result of these privileges, zones are being bullied, from individual players to entire guilds.

    It's about time that T4F created a fair gaming environment for all nations and not just their own.

    Terms and conditions paragraph 5; line 4. Any evidence of this rule being violated in your own zones, screenshot it, report it, and let's not be bullied anymore!!

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    If we had a level playing field the Chinese wouldn't be able to dominate the game.

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    I see these posts all the time, but where is the PROOF? You mention that Chinese players are able to Switch zones during downtime? Thats a new one I heard mate, how do you know this? Can you show a base on map with timestamp of it being in one zone then another after a downtime period?

    Is all well and good blaming the Chinese for everything but I haven't seen proof to this day. The only thing I have seen is the Chinese getting more Items in packs (but those packs were compared from a new zone to an old zone) Thats kinda like comparing a pack in zone 300 to zone 1. Tap have admitted to giving new zones better packs because they want them to catch up to the older zones so they can compete. Its like with the territory wars, how can a zone from 100 compete with zone 1 when they had months of extra time to build their bases and guild research?

    So I ask this again, please show proof of cheating or stop posting rumours for no reason
    May the Force be with you

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    I can already tell you that players from certain regions do not have an advantage over other players. The packs cost the same from zone to zone depending on the value of the currency. Although, packs do differ in that the items they contain do normally have more. Most people think the idea behind this is to allow the zone to catch up to a level that relates more to older zones.

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