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Thread: Chinese 3rd party purchasing

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    Chinese 3rd party purchasing

    Hello Vic and Jesse,

    I will copy my entire conversation with Marvin my Vip Representative. This same information has been delivered to tap 4 fun customer service center. I have been trying to get assistance in Zone 295 for Chinese illegal purchases. I have provided SS of illegal actions, i have emailed and Lined tap while actions were actively taking place. I have tracked down a seller and had a conversation with him to show exactly how it is done. I have given invasion purchase prices of bootlegged rss and speed ups. I have asked for a price match. I have asked and tap has agree to ban player only to continue to receive email saying you cannot find them. I immediately follow your procedures of copy, paste and resend to invasion. Only to have no relief in zone 295. These player are causing nothing but problems in zone 295, players are leaving because of their constant attacks and misbehavior.

    As zone governor, I am spending more time trying to stop this illegal behavior than playing the game. It was and is my responsibility as governor to stand up for the legitimate players in our zone.

    So it is simple now. If you cannot clean up this zone and protect our invested assets in invasion. I am formally requesting a full refund of my VIP 9 account. If you grant this i will leave invasion peacefully. If not I will take this email along with all other correspondents to iTunes and my charge card company and asked them for a refund.

    Thank you so much for your time and attention to this matter.
    LadyLilly zone 295
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    Would it be possible for you to post more details and information on the 'cheats' so more honest players may understand what is happening?

    I do applaud your efforts and tone, however, I have found out way too many times, that T4F will eternally fail to grasp what true customer service is about. They will never grasp that final step to provide the mutual level of customer satisfaction for the customer.

    Susan (Z8)

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    Any types of illegal purchases are not allowed in Invasion. And sooner or later they will be banned for doing so. Numerous players have already been banned because of it.

    Now on the other hand, trying to prove he is doing such a thing is a hard thing to do from your end. Sending them some type of Line messages of how he is doing it or anything of that sort isn't valid evidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamim Ali Hassan View Post
    What is valid evidence?
    Evidence that indicates that the player is actually cheating. For example, more valid evidence would be if the screenshots were taking from a message that happened on Invasion. That way it could be tracked and the likelihood of the message being faked would be slim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamim Ali Hassan View Post
    What is valid evidence?
    Many cheating happened everyday in CHina.
    If the amount is not much, the police will do not care it.
    Even big amount, only some of the case can have better result, but will take long time.
    so the best is to avoid to be cheated

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    Hello All. i have good idea for this. need change cost packs for chinese money.

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    Good luck LadyLilly. There is no customer service with this establishment. All I’ve ever gotten was “sorry commander” I’ll pass this along to our development team.

    Even given given evidence to help them do their job, they don’t know what they’re doing or really just don’t care. The bucks are rolling in anyway.

    People in the game and the forum seem to be more on top of the game than the developers.

    Pharm and the others working the forum dontheir best, but in the end, they can only relay concerns.

    Tap doesn’t seem to care.

    But at least they’ve given us new officers, one exactly the same as another IN THE SAME SLOT, and soccer balls. Whoop! Whoop! 😳

    Wish I had never started this game. By the advertisement, I downloaded it because I thought it was a sniper game.

    I guess I have been picked off little by little😜

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