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Thread: Lost troops during unbind process

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    Angry Lost troops during unbind process

    I went through the unbind process with Tap, which has taken over a month, only to lose all my troops when Tap locked me out of my account. After spending a week at a time waiting for responses from information tap requested, they sent an email stating the issue was moved to the correct department and they would unbind it. However, I was told, " it may take some time. Once there is any new information, I will inform you as soon as possible. Please wait patiently." This was the extent of their explanation of the process.

    The next day I logged out for a bit, then logged back in to check messages. While checking, I was kicked from the game and came back to a slide verification. I hit it thinking this was the rebinding process and instead was sent to a new game, under my main accounts log in. I couldn't find my account anywhere and contacted Tap immediately. I received no response and about 18 hours later I was zeroed as my shield dropped. I lost 1.2 mil t4, 500k t3, and 20k t3 defenses, not to mention rss. At this point, I had still not heard from tap despite several emails and reports through customer service in game on another account.

    Two days after reporting the lock out I get an email from tap letting me know where my account is and to send, "concerned battle report screenshots showing time stamp so that we can make compensation accordingly after evaluation." I sent detailed attack reports with amounts and the time stamps.

    Six days later, today, I finally hear from Tap again, after a few emails. They have decided my 1.7 mil troops and defenses are worth a million of each rss and 2k diamonds.

    Tap locked me out of my account without notice, failed to protect the account in the process, never explained the process even though they were asked and mailed about it, AND failed to respond in a timely matter to aid in preventing the zeroed account or to recover it from limbo. The account has over $6000 sunk into in a few months, has been zeroed only this time, because of Tap, and they think that is proper restitution. It's a slap in the face, an insult. I want my troops returned Tap or every single bit of resource needed to replace them. I have zero intention of continuing to spend any money on this account if full restitution cannot be given. I will also ensure none of my family or friends do as well. This is ridiculous, give me my troops back!!!

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    Good luck. You can contact google play store or apple and get your money back.

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