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Thread: How to become governor in multiple zones !!

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    How to become governor in multiple zones !!

    Hey , Hello , Hola , greetings all

    as a lot of us notice in past 6 days ...
    [3P!],[CYH],[SHS] guilds leader become governors n multiplied zones across the game land with the power of Top Territory and government boost .. those leader exist with the power above billions ... as for [3P!] guild`s now 16 billion power .. after investigation about this issue .. i`ve discovers how it`s work and why its happen ..

    But 1st let me explain zone type:

    This type is based on the players in the zone ... this zone must be one of two : fighting zone or peace Zone (farm zone)
    must of old zones are now farm zone only fight in ZvZ ...
    -fight zone is hard to handle or control or even to fight... zone farm you can buy and control it easy ..
    Must of those Governors in those over powered zones are players form old zone ... went out of it to new "fighting zone " ... in my zone 3 players were above 500 millions in 100 day after zone open ... they let the zone as zone farm and now took control of 4 new zones ... many new zones government are related to old xhinse guilds in olds zone..
    now as you can see all zones are connected with each other..

    so for now its easy to take control of any farm zone you already been in .. as you can buy the zone monument for fixed time or mover the government to your other account ;

    to take zone monument you only need to conquer the palace .. which will be easy for you if you`re the governor ..
    all what you have to do is empty the monument and join your other guild then attack the monument and it will be all yours.
    this story is from my zone 107 ICE ... the b1tch sale the monument for [SHS] then [CYH] as they are child guilds for the main guild we have in our zone ...
    -they are taking the monuments to get ready for TT fight ...

    .......██☢██████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃,,,,,▃ You only LOSE when you refuse to stand up
    ........ Comrade
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    Thank you for attempting to answer my earlier thread about this loophole. However, its quite clear that English is not your first language. Please don't take offence when I say I found it hard to understand what you wrote above. Is there anyone someone else that can explain this process again please?

    How can one 'Buy' a monument?
    May the Force be with you

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