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Thread: Battle questions

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    Battle questions

    Regardless of who attacks or defends, in battles, I usually see one type of unit attack another type of unit. Normally, they interact with the troops opposite them on the battlefield. When units are stacked, they attack together at times.

    I watched a battle of mine a few minutes ago. During T he entire battle, I saw my units attack only one group at a time while some of his attacks hit two to all three types of my units in one attack. For instance, his heli attack hit my tank, heli, and SUV units in one attack sequence.

    In the past, I've attacked bases and tiles with only one cannon in the front row --everything else was in back row. Since I was attacking, the enemy went first. Their entire first attack was spent on my one cannon.

    Granted, this guy had 1.9m defending against my 312.5k, but I've attacked a 2m+ base and never witnessed this.

    Is this normal? What affects this? If I hear the word random. That would be a way new kind of random. My formation should've been better, but this is a question of single attack capability and not about a weakness of strategy.

    Please clear this up for me. I saved the battle

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    Go to your tactic center and tap the "?" It explains the basic trinity concept, splash attacks, joint strikes and the puzzle effect.

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