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Thread: ZvZ/PvP Schdule change

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    ZvZ/PvP Schdule change

    What is the reason for the schedule change? ZvZ is the most important event every 2 weeks for many players. Under the current schedule it occurs during the weekend when folks are off from work. Changing it to the middle of the week is, quite frankly idiotic. People are working and it will be difficult for them to be online. Please reconsider and leave the ZvZ schedule unchanged.

    Soul Fire, z54 Gov

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    I absolutly agree with previous post

    Why you messing up ?

    Most people enjoy z vs z during free time in weekend ,now most of us cant fight cos most of us got Work / School during week days .... you don't ? LOL

    Why you not ask players about such changes before you decide to change important things like z vs z timing ? Its not dificult just post topic here or in FB

    To many wrong changes in short time

    .... unbalance the game after last research update (to big advantage for spenders )

    ..... and now this

    Bring back z vs z for weekend time

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    Seriously, has t4f lost their minds? PvP will start during the rebels event. This is a total mess. "Optimize the game experience"? This really messes everything up. The previous schedule was just fine, please forget about this change and restore the old schedule.

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    In z54 we have decided to cancel the upcoming PvP. We can't have a PvP during the rebels event. T4f, please fix thisClick image for larger version. 

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    Soul Fire
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    Why can't we get a response. It seems that many and maybe most folks want to go back to the old schedule. I also noticed that t4f scheduled a PvP rather than a zvz, which was the event that should have been scheduled.

    All logic seems to be gone, I'm sorry to say.
    Soul Fire
    z54 Governor

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    I have now heard that points will be changed, so no points will be given for damaged units, only destroyed units. This is another bad idea. This will result in more players getting zeroed as people won't stop attacking until a players garages are full. Under the current rules, folks would get points and stop, perhaps without even filling the enemies garages.
    Soul Fire
    z54 Governor

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    Check my post further down for reason to changes

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    I'm 306 PvP times are changed to it's very unfair to everyone when I looked this morning PvP wasn't there but now we have 4hrs till PvP that's very unfair, why did you change it T4F as a paying customer I want answers

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    Because they are too busy playing they said many asian players complanied they can not play on saturday ...

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