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Thread: Testers needed

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    Testers needed

    I see I am not the only one. T4F, listen you should really test your updates before you release them. These problems happen after every update. It is bothersome to your paying customers to go through this not just sometimes but every time. As a paying customer I beg you do not allow it to happen again. If it is not broke do not break it and then you will not have to fix it. How many people have complained about the day zvz was on? Not broke! Everything has been running smooth. And then the update. Now everything is broken. Are you people at T4F bored and just creating work for yourselves? I have played other T4F games and this is the only one I have had this many issues with. If you need testers I am sure there are many willing to get paid to play.

    Z16 D*5

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    Dear Jeff,
    T4F is very sorry and they are trying very hard to get everything fixed and in complete order in the game. You are a valued customer and we are very sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you.

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    One more guy prettending to be moderator? Lol its just getting funny.

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