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Thread: Army Expansion Activity

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    Army Expansion Activity

    What's going on? I'm not getting my points on this activity
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    Not working in z41 either. No idea what points I've got and no prizes given yet😡😡😡😡

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    And what's the bet we won't get compensated the prizes on offer. 😡😡😡😡

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    I'm sure that I would have gotten the 1st 2 prizes before I saw that I wasn't getting any points.
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    thoose second army solo ...was only for level. t zones if u were there to built .
    but I didn't knew either till someone else said .
    but t4f wasn't clear in description.
    by me it says still downloading ...
    how we know then ....
    better I used it spread on events instead all in one ....

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    I just heard that also, but my details still shows "downloading". How the heck were we supposed to know?
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    Mine also showed still downloading. Would of got first to prizes as well

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    What a surprise shit compensation like normal. I what the first to prizes I would of got used all my troop speed ups!!!

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    The compensation offered is terrible. I must have used 70 days worth of speeds on this and the complete is like 10 hours. You should give us the 1st 2 prizes. If we had known, we would have ported to the TT.
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