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Thread: Hack by player discovered...

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    Hack by player discovered...

    Player BBBBBBBBB of zone 63 is able to port while he has waves in motion. This signifies a hack. I'm reporting to Google if he is not banned. Please remove him from zone 63. He is in J-H guild. It occurred on 9-23-16 at 2100hrs Pacific Standard time. He has a rally he is executing and he just ported to a different tile. This has happened several times. He brags about being able to do this, and previous complaints have not been answered. The zone players are ready to file hundreds of Google Take Down Reports if this is not resolved. I appreciate your response to the issue. I will report a second player as soon as I report him to customer service in-game. His guild is [J-H] zone 63

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    To detail, he had three waves in flight at the time he ported.

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    Just in case... players can port when someone is sending them RSS. Sure they were marches from his base?

    Hopefully not. If so, he should be banned or punished somehow

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    Appreciated, but yes he was attacking with waves, not Resources from other players. It is very unfortunate we've all spent lots of money only to have a few players circumvent the game and developers. I hope this is dealt with soon. The refund option is quite tedious and I'd rather keep from that route.

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    Did you take a screenshot or a video while he was doing this? It would be beneficial for us to see this in action.
    May the Force be with you

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    No it's quite difficult to video during gameplay. Phone in hand and I don't run a game recorder. I sent pics to customer service. Either way it would only show him on one tile, and then the next picture on another. Limited screen space.

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