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Thread: I paid for gift mode by buying up to vip3

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    I paid for gift mode by buying up to vip3

    Now you say i must buy to vip 5 to gift. I have already bought vip 3 gift mode for all 7 of my accounts in zone 263. One is at vip 6 and one is at vip 4. Don't you realize that you are screwing me and others by doing this. We bought and paid for gift mode and other features you changed by buying vip 3. You need to live up to your end of the bargain or people will ( I will anyway ) stop spending on your game. What once was fun is becoming not so fun. I made my purchases in good faith now hold up your end of the bargain! I can no longer give a teammate or one of my alts a shield or other needed items. This could cost me a lot of resources and units in the upcoming wars. FIX IT! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO FOR PLAYERS THAT DIDN'T BUY VIP 3 WITH GIFT MODE PRIOR TO YOUR CHANGE BUT I DID AND EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO USE IT!!!!!

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    They are ignoring us with this matter. I suggest you write Apple or Google and request a refund. Many have and have been refunded. Perhaps the outgoing of $$ will get their attention. I suppose that Apple and Google will also investigate them, if there are enough complaints.
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    You will have to take the matter to Apple or Google. I have gone to apple at this time and requested a full refund from anything spent on this game. I consider this to be fraud. We originally agreed to terms that gave us gifting at VIP3. They have changed the format so we must spend more money to have the benefits previously established. This is unfair to all who have established VIP3 prior to the change.

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