-Moving to Another Zone-

Ok I know this has been brought up plenty of times before but I believe to help players and the game there should be a way to transfer to another zone even after the set HQ.

Now I do agree with limits as for new zones noone should be able to transfer to until a set time but all the old zones you should be able to transfer to another zone If you want instead of starting over.

I don't want to hear about it won't be fair because I started a new base in other zones to watch 1 or 2 ppl spend a lot of money to become the top player in that zone and a lot quicker then most think. So it's no different than having a big base from another zone pop up.

So my question would be why does it matter to transfer to another zone if you want so you don't have to start over?

Tap4Fun could make it where you can only transfer to another zone once a month or something like that and the player that wants to transfer would have to spend diamonds or buy a transfer pack to do so..... still make a profit from it and it would make more players happy because if they don't like their zone they could leave. A lot of players end up quiting if they don't like their zone because they don't want to start over again....

Another reason should be able to transfer zones because you have so many zones now it should not be a problem. Also there are multiple zones dieing off as we speak so why not open transfer so players will have more freedom to move around?

You could set a limit to how many ACTIVE players are allowed within each zone so the zones will not over flow and it will keep rotation for the other zones.

Tap4Fun I believe it's time to allow freedom for players to move so they will keep playing and you will keep players instead of losing players also it will help zones and help guilds when recruiting players from other zones.