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Thread: Solo arms race

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    Solo arms race

    When arms race started I had started batches of t4 went to go look to see how I was doing and the solo arms race had disappeared? I rebooted like 5x's and finally it popped back up however it is reflecting I did no t4. My glory event is reflecting the right amount... since the glory event started I had done no power or t4 so that event is reflecting correctly. This needs to be fixed immediately!

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    Same here, I completed a research project worth 9.9 mil Arms Race points and I received nothing. Also all points earned before the event went down were zeroed. Fixed and points restored before the event ends.
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    Yep I have pictures of all that has been done by just the glory event so I should be in 5th place in solo arms race and I'm showing top 30... This needs to be fixed immediately!!!!

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    I'd be in 1st place if they fixed it. I sent ss of my glory event to CS as well.
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