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Thread: Glitch or something wrong

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    Glitch or something wrong

    We had 24 hours arms race against zone 101, and now it ended after i logged in for me it showed that for zvz we gonna face 145 and we had arms race with other zone, wtf is that? I got pmed from zone 145 what did our zone had arms race i said 101 and they said that they had different, and now when they log on for them shows same like for me that they gonna face our zone.

    Im from z4.
    Please look in to this it might be a glitch or more serious, because this is not fair to have arms race with one zone and zvz with other.

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    Same thing here Z60 was going against 113 now it's 70 something and in the horn it does not show whom we battle, nor is there an enemy zone showing in the world map

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    I would like some info please my guild was building a guild research centre which was almost complete and has now disappeared it has cost us 500.000 and I'm wandering what we can do to rectify this issue thanks

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    That glitch has happened before during the ZVZ zone event. I'm hoping it wont happen again because it's a bit annoying.

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