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Thread: Game keeps freezing

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    Game keeps freezing

    Anyone else experiencing the ho-ho-hilarious fun I am? Once I'm into the game I get maybe one minute of active time and then the game locks up and eventually throws me out, with the apologetic 'unfortunately Invasion has stopped working'. I've updated recently but this is only a problem of the last 24 hours or so. All other apps in use are running fine so I guess it's the game as opposed to my phone. I'm concerned with rebels coming up that I'll get even less than the last two weeks when an update has robbed of us of hours of game play...

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    What type of phone are you running Invasion on?

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    Don't go there David! T4F is going to blame your internet connection and speed is insufficient. That's what I got after the crash in June and they promised to replace troops

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    My app just started freezing tonight, out of the blue. I had been playing most of the day, and then this evening it just simply frooze.

    It will be active for approx. 10-15 sec, freeze, about 10 more sec and then become non-responsive. I've cleared the game's cache, rebooted the phone, and even went to Google's Play Store and Updated the app. All to no avail. I know my WiFi connection is good because I can play other games.

    I have an LG V10. Anyone have any advice?

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    Game is freezing up at main sceeen, problem did not start occurring till tonight.

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    It's terrible, I can't play since last night. Invasion fix your app. It's not my phone or internet connection because I can play any other game and use any other app. Invasion opens up and freezes right away since last night, it's been about 10 hours without being able to play. This really sucks since we have important events going on in the game. Invasion listen to your people and fix the problem, you should also give us compensation if we lose everything due to your lack of interest to fix this problem. We spend money on this game, listen to your customers.

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    Played all day yesterday with out a problem go to get on today and it freezes after 10 seconds can't get on to customers service that's locked up to. T4f you never have a problem with getting your money from us but the services we pay for are a joke. So how are you going to fix this problem. Our money back would be a good start.

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    Exactly how i feel terry. Im having same issue and they wont respond to me either.

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