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    War Simulator/ Rebels

    OK great, we got the mail on rebels beginning this weekend understandable, but WHY THE HELL DID YOU CHANGE WAR SIMULATOR WITHOUT NOTICE? You guys just had a big to do about low VIP players with T4 and high power... You know how they got there? By knowing event times/schedule and the ones that pay out for players on a budget! You guys took it at your leisure to just change a big payout event without any notice, that's bull crap! I missed out on 2 simulators and 8k diamonds. How many other players are effected that can't afford to buy packs? IDIOTS!

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    What mail? When rebels begin or it doesn't?

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    K chill. Put in a different perspective. Many players have been having to cope with war simulator being at a certain time and its inconvenient to them. Putting it at a different time that favors them for a change is nice.

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    Seriously Zach? You tell me to chill? 😂😂 I could give a crap about it being changed, it's the fact there was NO MAIL! Read my post again... It's in capital letters if you need help finding the key phrase! SMH. I don't give a crap about convenience I give a crap about a notice! You say it's about a certain time? It's 3,THREE, times in 24 hours pretty sure time isn't a factor. Read and comprehend before you answer my friend.

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    I just love when people flame the forums. I cannot remember the last time tap actually told people times for events, people just figured out the pattern for them and expect them at those times. That being said, changing the event times does not seem like something they need to send out a mail for.

    I suggest you learn to express your opinion in a more professional way. Coming on the forums being hostile is not a way to get the support you want.


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