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Thread: Defence vs Attack vs Health

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    Defence vs Attack vs Health

    Is there anyone with insight on how these buffs interact with one another in battle? I have heard rumors of defence boosts being better when both attacking and defending but, then again they are just rumors. From my understanding defence buffs help you to take less damage while in battle from the enemy, while attack buffs help you do more damage while in the attacking waves of a battle. Health confuses me though, because I don't see how it would be different from defence. Does health just reduce your losses after a battle and not effect whether you actually win or lose a battle? If anyone knows specifically what these boosts do it would be a great help.


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    It makes no sense.. I have asked Customer Service so many times and even they don't know. (worst CS I have experienced in a game)

    From tests I do know this though.

    Attack increases how much damage you will do during a battle, therefore technically killing more units.

    Defence reduces the amount of units you lose during a battle, how this works is inconclusive.. Some say it reduces the enemies attack some say it reduces the amount of 'units' that enter the battle. Need to test more.

    Health is strange, I know for a fact with high health you will kill more units in a battle.. IE when I spec attack/defence 250k vs 250k I will kill 150k troops, but when I spec attack/health same situation I will kill 200k units yet suffer more losses.

    What I can't figure out is what constitutes to the report vs replay... In the replay you can kill all units after say 30 rounds for example, but on the report it says that 75k escaped (not destroyed or damaged)

    Tap4Fun really need to release more information on the battle formulas, people spend thousands on this game they deserve to know.

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