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Thread: Handcuffs and Warrants

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    Handcuffs and Warrants

    Can T4F offer Handcuffs and Warrants in 25, 50, 75, and 100 quantities in the Store and when Gifting? It would be so much easier to grab a quantity of 25, 50, or etc. when gifting or purchasing instead of counting out 50 of them by ones as we have to now.


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    I completely agree with this. If I remember right there used to be an option for this, but once the bot farms starting gifting them out they got rid of them. Ill be sure to put in a suggestion to add this back.

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    So bot farms stuffed it up for every one ummm

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    Yes i this agree . one more idea for in sale Please do more products. Action Points not enoght and NEED Change PVP time. Need kill rebels or enemy for this change pvp and Rebels time.

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