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Thread: Thinking about making a jumper...

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    Thinking about making a jumper...

    So I made a newbie base for potentially jumping that account in 3-4 months. I've never jumped before and have only one account aside from the jumper, my current zone is the first zone I've played. So I'm not too sure what exactly I should be doing to make this jumper base as good as possible in the few months before the jump-date. Are there any guides out there for jumping? What kind of packs do yall recommend me to get for jumping (I plan to only buy packs worth no more than $20)?

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    Hey, I also made a jumper account a few days ago, I strongly suggest that you do jump. Join my guild [GS~]Grims Slayers, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about jumping, I've done it many times in the past.

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    Yeah, jumpers are awesome, as long as not everyone does it.

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