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    Lightbulb Account

    I have a question about logging into my account.

    Say I owned an iPhone and instead of binding my account to an email, I bind it to my Game Center. Then, my phone stops working or breaks. I decide to buy an android instead of a new iPhone. Is there anyway to recover my account that is bound to my Game Center?

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    wow good question. Id like to know the answer to this too. I have both iOS and android and I noticed gamecentre does not show up on android devices. Google shows instead.
    The question vice versa also needs addressing. Can google accounts be played on iOS devices?

    I do know however that if you cannot login, you can click on "cant login" on the bottom of screen when asked to input credentials. I believe it sends you to Customer service. You will need to prove your identity and legit account ownership details by emailing them the specifics of your account like:
    1) account creation date
    2) Gem balance
    3) most recent screenshot of your HQ page showing your power, VIP level, Gem total and HQ level
    4) cords of your base
    5) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will need to send them in a screenshot of your Google receipt or itunes invoice of the most recent successful gem purchase which clearly shows Order ID and Transaction numbers etc.

    Once verified, they will unbind the account and to add the game as a guest account on the device you're currently using. Then you would simply login to a new facebook or google account to re-bind the game data too.

    Hope it helps
    Any gaming issues, I'd be happy to help. PM ONLY!! ... No F.R. unless I have played against you in ZvZ

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    Help I get abnormal purchases request when I try to buy packs can some help me please

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