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Thread: Packs in China are Cheep

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    Packs in China are Cheep

    Hello there I have proof of Chinese packs being cheap a 100.00 pack in the us is 99.99 in China 648.00 in there currency with us 93.96 in American dollars, I will be glad to send pictures if some one can tell me how on my mobile phone

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    To be honest, this is has been very long drawn out. There may be a difference in the price, but it's a very small one. And nothing shows that the packs in china are lower because of being favored. If anything it's due to the exchange currency price and inflation.

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    The currency conversions HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TAP4FUN. There is a misconception in the grapevine that Chinese players get cheaper packs and/or better items in packs. This is 100% untrue and sometimes gets really frustrating trying to explain this to players. Screenshots have been posted of Chinese packs showing better items in a beginner pack. This screenshot came from a new zone and everyone knows a beginner pack has over 20000% more items inside.

    The best way to find out is to simply change your app store region in itunes. If you change it to the Chinese region, you will see a pack is 648 Yuan but the items inside is exactly the same as a British appstore, a Russian appstore or a South African Appstore. The only difference is the price (where the currency conversion is determined by Apple)

    All packs are priced according to the American Appstore (I may be wrong, not 100%) a gold pack is $100 so apple tries to charge players in other countries based on that price. Apple dont change international prices on a daily basis (if they did, our prices would fluctuate everyday based on the currency strength of the Dollar) However, I believe Apple reviews currencies once a year (again, dont take my word on it as Im only speculating based on what Ive seen) So some lucky countries may still be on an old currency update so u can possibly save a few dollars if you have a player in the lucky country to buy for you (however this is very unsafe lol as there are too many cyber crooks out there :v lol)

    Sorry if I didn't make any sense... basically i'm saying stop tripping and just enjoy the game
    Any gaming issues, I'd be happy to help. PM ONLY!! ... No F.R. unless I have played against you in ZvZ

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    IN Europe gold pack €99,- , In turkey it converted €79,- difference is TAX . ( both prices are checked in itunes store)

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    Itunes and google add the tax on the packs.. Prices are charged by Apple and google. Stop with the misinformed posting BS lol
    May the Force be with you

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