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    Dear T4F High Command,

    What are you trying to do? depriving us from all diamonds? (the only thing that matters)
    - no fb/diamonds
    - still crap from the diamond mine
    - unannounced halt on activities

    While you work out your serious official complaint from FB maybe in the meanwhile;
    - restore diamonds from diamond mines
    - give some actual diamonds worth diamonds as compensation

    Or maybe we should stop optimizing your bank account and just give you Thumbs on FB worth hundreds of dollars.

    I know no-one from T4F will ever read this, but hey,
    Pls post your comments and if we have enough someone from T4F reads it, maybe ;-)

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    Just go back to being able to get 50 gifts, all ��'S. Easy solution. Same for mail sharing.
    Soul Fire
    z54 Governor

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