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Thread: Login Problem Please check it Pls Pls PVP Coming

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    Login Problem ( failed to get account info ) check it i'll lose troops


    I am having an issue with login.
    My fame account is associated with facebook and the other account is associated with Google.
    May facebook associated acount is not opening from this morning.
    It been 8 hours i haven't been able to open my account.
    Well if pvp comes then who will be responsible for my loss????
    Please developers show up.
    It is causing us a lot of problems.
    Diamonds mine is also not working from last 4 days i couldn't collect diamonds and speedups also..
    Account information
    Zone : 309
    Location : ((( #: 309 X: 297 Y:287 )))
    Guild : [K47]
    Name : Kęvěn
    Power : around ~ 15.5M
    HQ Level : 19
    Diamonds number : around ~ 760 more
    Binding :
    ( it's my Facebook idi )
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    Hi linda or kevin

    Try delete this file : logininfo.raw

    You can find it in directory t4f\row\documents\

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