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    Better Gameplay

    Much focus is put on diamond spending contests utilizing things like sandtables/ arenas/ shooting galleries and simulators. This is not what people play the game for. There has been much dissapointment concerning inconsistent rebel and elite defense activities. These free and effort based activities utilize fundamental components of what the game is based on...learning to attack and defend as necessary in major competitions (ie top territory/ zvz/ pvp). Effort based contests keep players of all budgets ingame and improves word of mouth advertising. The prizing themselves in such activities also generates word of mouth but also Ingame time spent. Since the cancellations of rebels and elite defense I admit i play less even being the 3rd strongest power overall player in the zone. I consider these cancelled time periods "game vacations" where I do other things of interest. Helping spread the gap of improved battle experience by offering items that help acquire rare officers or medals through not only spending but effort as well improves the experience for all gamers. The more people interested...the more money spent. These activities that utilize the fundamentals of gameplay and perhaps new ones that require team based rally battles against giant rebels where the prizing is much better than 1 minute speed ups or small resource items WILL draw more activity. Consider this I as have made businesses make over 200% in sales over previous years simply because they did what I suggest. If remaining competitive versus other gaming platforms looking to get a cut of the profit share is the plan...then heed my advice or be just another game that gets passed over to others due to lack of interest.

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    This would help players who are on a budget or just plain don't spend in games. My idea is on the same lines for example i would like a increase in given medals from shooting grounds. Also on the super shooting grounds where it takes diamonds to shoot there should be multiple rank rewards down to 2000th place with legendary officer materials. To promote more activity with the activity.

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    Today t4f need your real money then your interest in this game. Looks they are broke. Hahaha

    What i can say is "no money no fun"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesica Stone View Post
    Today t4f need your real money then your interest in this game. Looks they are broke. Hahaha

    What i can say is "no money no fun"
    But the money stops if people aren't interested

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