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Thread: NEW IDEA - ZvZ rules needs to be revised

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    Lightbulb NEW IDEA - ZvZ rules needs to be revised

    Invasion, You should make a new rule to STOP zones losing monument on purpose to reduce unit losses. This is a tactic deployed by zones who are scared to lose units or even try to defend the most important figure in game. I am seeing too many zones (in particular Zone 35) who purposely give up their monument without defending it because they want to save their units. Then for the rest of the day, they wont take any rallies, nor will they rally anyone. They will only take solo attacks which pretty much gives them the best advantage to win points. How is a zone supposed to win against ultra defensive and boring tactics like that? I literally logged off or farmed in ZvZ

    1: I think monument rewards should increase to give it more value e.g. Higher % of boosts for unit building, fight boost and research boost.

    2: If a zone loses monument, the winning zone should be allowed to freely enter the zone they beat for 3 days using a territory port and keep the monument overall for a week (This will put urgency for a zone to keep their monument at all times)

    3: Additionally, the zone losing their monument should automatically lose 50 million points in ZvZ score.

    I truly believe these changes should be made to make monument battles more exciting and also give more value to zone assets. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS

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    Points 1 and 3 are basically the same thing, more for the winner, less for the loser. Point 2 doesn't mean the losing zone would try to protect its monument anyway, so no point in doing that, especially considering that nobody would keep fighting for three days in a row for a monument that gives them no benefit whatsoever (they have to prepare for next pvp, remember).
    There could be many solutions for these issues, but one that I can think of is to replace zone monuments with guild ones (or just use research centers). Whenever a guild attacks attacks a monument bigger than its actual one and manages to invade it, it is given the option to replace its monument. That feature could be made possible for both inside one's zone and also during ZvZ, thus forcing guilds to fight hard to protect their monuments, or give up months of hard work (or huge amounts of $$$$).

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