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Thread: Black Market

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    Black Market

    Seems as though the BM is programmed to notice what I need or usually purchase from it.
    It then proceeds to not make these items available😩

    After 10 refreshes, still no action points.

    Can random truly mean random in this game, or do you have to take a bite out of us every step of the way?

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    Hi James,

    AP is one of my must-have items from Black Market as well. I have noticed a slight decrease in frequency of the item being offered for sale in there. Perhaps there was an algorithm update? I can't be sure - I don't get that kind of classified info I will mention this to tap though as feedback


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    I'm pretty positive it doesn't decrease the items that you need most, but I can't say for them decreasing that item. It sounds about right that they would lower the rate of it.

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