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Thread: King Zone Event Structure

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    King Zone Event Structure

    *I am saying all of this as a player and not a forum mod*

    I know it isn't just me who is most unhappy with the King Zone structure. For one, it being months long is just silly. Some of us will be participating for 3 months. And if not, what does the mean for the rest of us? Forgotten zones left to muddle around in whatever events happen to shoe up in the horn?

    It is so difficult for so many players to play ZvZ as is. Monday to Tuesday is a terrible timeframe for almost all countries around the world. The increased amount of ZvZs does not increase fun for most players. We have to purge our zones and keep watch for bubbles dropping.

    The prize structure change needs to be rethought. The millions of points for Indy prizes is great for TT, but not great for players who can't afford to spend at all or spend much. They don't have as many troops for fighting like spenders and whales have. It would be nice if warfare medals in exchange contained some more updated officer mats. The ones currently being offered are quite dated.

    The monument scoring is out of hand. It's not skill that wins these ZvZs. Its whoever bought the best comm.

    There's barely anyone to fight... Players bubble or run. Ports are wasted. Players end up spending more in dimes to attempt to get the dimes, but we need so many kills, it just doesn't even out.

    Does any of this sound like an exciting 3 months worth of competition?
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    Agreed. The monument point system is ridiculous, almost 290 million point if you hold monument. This need to be thought out better.

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