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Thread: Cheat or what ?

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    Cheat or what ?

    In zone 168 , china big players killed many non china players without even in pvp. And they ruled for a while. We , non china players left a few members and we did our best , spend a lot of money in game and took back controls of govermnet. china tried to take back government but we worked so hard , a lot of troops die. We and their guild reseach lvls were same, SUV , tank , air defense lvl 8. And a few days ago, their guild research grow very very quickly. First we thought their all members donate , but we send a spy to their guild ( their guild is opening , anyone can join ), there are many newbies players join and left in a minutes. That's is no normal. They bought guild research sellers ( you can sometime see their selling in your guild wall). If they finish rally attack , we can't stand their rally.
    is that fair tap4fun? Don't tell us , you can buy like them .
    Is that cheat or smart ?

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    If you think players are buying and selling resources then just report them. It's not a smart play to do because at some point it will come back to bite them. So just stick in there and report them for now.

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    reporting alleged cheaters wont do anything. they will get a warning first offense, second offense reaults in a permanent mute. neither punishments do anything to stop the cheating

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    By not reporting though, you guarantee nothing will happen. And tap does punish players when there is 100% proof.

    The problem is (and I say this as a player), many ppl think and believe circumstantial evidence is enough to convict. Think if it was you being accused of cheating? You know that they need actual and real evidence.

    Its a tough scenario and a Catch 22 for both parties :/


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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