As we all know the pay to win nature of Invasion is quite a big annoyance. I have played since zone 52 and it has always been a problem that (Chinese players are definitely a huge part of but they are not the only ones) Players with deep pockets will rule the zones. Every zone is ruled by those who can spend lots of money. I know Tap4fun makes bank of of this and of course they do not want to lose this income, but there is a solution where everyone wins. There could be a option for those who have played before, to go to a whole different set of zones where there are no in app purchases, only player strategy and skill. These zones would be very popular among those players who want to play and win without spending. Please consider this because it would make your game so much more popular, because I know of so many players that left because of the Pay2Win aspect of the game that they hated. They would come back and more players would stay because of a feature like that.