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Thread: Extreme Defense

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    Instead of the marches trickling out slowly to 100 bases, can tap tap speed things up please?

    Most port to the ed spot, but it still takes hours. This should be an easy event. Why is it such a tedious task EVERY WEEK?

    10 marches at a time or all at once if itís possible. It is possible. Tap just needs to fix it that way. Itís not like theyíd be losing any money.

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    Hi James 👋

    I will pass the suggestion along

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    The 5min max march doesn't work as the terrorists attacks just trickle out of the extreme defense base.

    A lot of people spending ports to gather around the enemy base. Tap is still getting people to spend dimes. I just donít understand why they donít speed this monotonous no skill needed event up.

    Now THAT would make the game better

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    Nobody wants to chime in on this? Jeez people

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    I don't see an issue with it, James.

    The prizes we get from the event far outweigh the cost of a port. If your guild is hived up like most are, then a lot of people don't even have to port.

    Essentially, there has to be some cost for all the prizes we earn and are able to earn from the event. If anyone else wants to kick in on the convo, by all means, but I don't think there's any issue with march times. Port close if you don't wanna wait. That's all.


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    I can be right next to the damn terrorist base. It still takes 3 plus hours to complete. Iím not complaining about spending dimes in ports. Iím complaining about the fact that with all 100 members as close to the base as possible, each level takes from 10-15mins to complete. Itís needless crap

    I cannot believe you brought up that there has to be ďsome costĒ for all of the prizes we receive. We donít pay enough already whether it be real money or virtual stuff?

    Itís a terrible game with odds worse than Vegas. Tap doesnít really give a poop about their customers. Iíd quit, but Iím vested in it. Stopped really spending, because nothing changes.

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    My apologies, James, for offering a different perspective to look at.

    Great to hear you have an active guild of 100 though. Not many guilds hover at that anymore. And I cannot say I've ever heard of a guild of 100 where all members get to the higher levels. So kudos for that as well. Strong guild you have there

    Did you catch the in game mail almost a week ago now where Tap announced they have decided to return purged troops? If you missed it, they sent that out. To me, that does display that Tap cares about it's gaming base as they really had no reason they had to go back on the decision not to. I hope you can see the same from that example. I have more if you're interested.

    Here's what I will do though, I will have a conversation with as many as possible in the community and ask for their thoughts on what you're suggesting. Maybe it is something a lot of ppl want, but just don't mention. I will get back to you on this


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Thank you Pharm

    Good thing theyíre returning troops. When I clicked on the clash of zones icon, it showed that the event would start 4 days from then óit started the very next day. I was surprised and lucky that I hadnít been attacked

    So really tap should return the troops as it was tapís mistake in misinforming everyone that was affected 😉

    Once again, thank for your time and effort.

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    Hey James

    So I did some asking around but I couldn't find anyone who found the time it takes to run ED to be an issue, BUT I have still passed your suggestion along anyway.

    Hope your day is great



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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