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Thread: What can I do, if I'm zeroed because game can't open.

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    Angry What can I do, if I'm zeroed because game can't open.

    Tonight, after class, I wanna renew the shield. But the game stuck in 50% point and when it finally moves it goes to 72% and stuck for longer. Meanwhile, I get attacked, all troop are lost. What can I do? Why there's a game that'll stuck so long while loading it??

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    Hi Andrew,

    I haven't heard of any real rumblings in the last 24 hours (longer than that, just using 24 hours for frame of reference) about this issue.

    The loading issue can happen game wide and at that point, it is not device or network related. There is something going on in the back end.

    But when it's not widely spread, it is generally network/device related - for the specific user. You can try turning off your wifi and using data. Sometimes this helps. You can try turning wifi off and then back on and then try loading game. Sometimes this helps. You can try clearing the cache on the app (if you're droid), restarting your phone. Sometimes this helps. Last step (could do this one first, too) is to try loading your game on a different device. If it loads, you know it's device related. If it doesn't load, well it may or may not be device related and same goes for network.

    Long story medium, there's a number of steps that can be taken. Hope one of these fixes the issue for you. Once you login, mail support and see what they have to say (I do not have access to the same data that they do and they are the ones who have access to login history and things of the like).



    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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