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Thread: Extreme Defense

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    More sameness. I guess they need to manually change it each time. The randomness is nonexistent

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    They've had SUV def frags lately which I'm happy about!


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Can’t there be some odd ones every now and then, since it’s supposed to be sort of random? It’s the same ol poo every week for prizes. Most of what comes out every week, I already maxed months ago —nothing useful.

    Put some newness in the existing game instead of always feeling the need to change the actual game.

    I know you are working hard to try to keep the game interesting. I’m just thinking that it would be easier to polish and support what you’ve already got than to constantly try to add yet another feature to the game. It’s like you’re trying to make chess better. The game is the game. Rules have been established. Before you think of a new idea, tend to the old ones and make them top notch. There are cobwebs in the rooms of your game. Building more rooms is only making more space for more cobwebs.

    You’re starting to lose more people that are finding other more rewarding games or things to do. Make this poo fun again. They get zeroed...they go “finally! Don’t have to worry about that game anymore”
    Seriously. More and more people are thinking “If I get zeroed. I’m done”


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    Hey James, I am with you on that. I will make sure your feedback gets forwarded.

    Nice to see you btw!


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Thank you Pharm. Hope you’re well😘

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    Jebus fweeking quist. Change up the prizes already. Is there not an algorithm for RANDOM?

    We’ve got new steroid officers, rift, zvz, TT, pvp, Rebels, ... The list goes on with the features that exist in the game and the constant new stuff.

    Slow down a bit on the new events. How about finishing what you started? Fine tune the components that exist.

    Random really being random would be a good start. We’re still playing. You don’t have to dangle new stuff in front of us to keep us. Reward us with what you already have —more rss, bigger prizes, etc.

    Don’t even know why you have denominations of 1000k in any rss. It’s all in pesos. Nothing in this game is that cheap lol

    I love to rant. My last one. Countless times I’ve ported to a vulnerable enemy only to have to log back in and find them shielded. My phone is fine. My internet service is fine. FIX THAT!!!

    Goodnight 😃

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    Extrem defens

    Hallo ich spiele auf 386 Zone ich heiß da DoMdoM wir hatten gestern extreme Verteidigung heute morgen als wir die Preise bekommen war nicht alles da es fehlen Preise ich finde das echt eine sauer was tap4fun sich hier leistet Geld kassieren seit ihr schnell nur die Fehler mal zu beheben den Leuten eine Entschädigung zahlen das könnt ihr nicht oder was !! Ich will das die Preise heute noch zu uns kommen frech heit 😡😡

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    I only speak English, so I will only be able to provide support when the issue is reported to me in English


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Z E XxCHIMERAxX z55 i have not recieved the last rewards in ED the 2 X 3 day speed ups the 200000 xp x6 and the skill fragments for the last month or so can you tell me why please

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    Hi Angelina, that's just a quick mail to support. They will check the data and pay out the prizes. Any time I mail, its done within a few days if that


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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